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March 20th, 2009

progress reports

  • 09:11 today's tasks: 1. shopping, 2. fix up synopsis, 3. proof-read chapters, 4. YWO review #
  • 14:44 rant about people going 'yeah, but...' in response to critiques #
  • 18:41 got honourable mention in WOTF contest. Duh. I wasn't going to send another story. I guess I'll have to now. #
  • 21:47 wondering why some people think that everything that happens in their life is a conspiracy against *them* #
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boing boing boing

I'm feeling chirpy, so I sent out a few more short stories today. Nothing to WOTF. I just don't have anything 'at home' that I feel is suitable.

Now I'm struggling with the setup for the ending of Hearts. I think the best approach will be to write the seven character arcs one by one and then see what it all adds up to. I have quite a bit of word-space to play with.

Got another idea for an SF/mystery thriller. It would involve the semi-scientific explanation of how my various people are all related, and be from the POV of the scientist who does this work, and feature a group that is not impressed with what's being revealed. It would be a sequel of Watcher's Web, but different enough to be a stand-alone book. Jessica and Daya would be fairly major characters, though. Hmmms.

I did two YWO reviews. These ones were fairly ordinary.

I need to write more short stories!


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