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March 15th, 2008

Mar. 15th, 2008

Rather than whinge about yet another rejection, I'd like to talk about something I read this morning in the Sydney Morning Herald.

I'm becoming quite a fan of columnist Miranda Devine. I don't always agree with her, but in this morning's paper she made a really clever observation. Read the entire article here. In short, the main argument of the article is that many teachers espouse left-wing values, because they're that way inclined, because right-wingers are too busy making money to go into teaching. She then goes to say that in the same breath, atheists should not complain about the lack of non-religious private schools, but get off their butts and start some. She saves the best question until the very end:

Which brings me to my question of the day, a challenge to right-wingers and atheists: could it be the case that virtually all the volunteering, campaigning and community mindedness that goes on in our society comes from people who are either left-wing or religious?

Which I think is a very good question, with deep moral implications. What she is saying is that people who are both right wing and atheist are extremely unlikely to volunteer or do something for the community?

short story archive

Another short story idea, seeing as I'll probably retire a couple of short stories that are getting a bit old after me sending them around so often. I think I have better ideas now, even though I still like the other stories and they're not bad stories at all, but I can see they're probably not 'weird' enough.

Some author (can't remember who it was) said that good stories come when you combine two or more ideas. This particular story will be about ghosts and a rare mental condition called lalophobia, which is an irrational fear to speak. Not just public speaking, but any speaking. My little niece in Pretoria suffers from it, so I've written a story for her. When she goes to school, she brings a tape recorder. She then goes into the corridor, gives the answer to the question, and gives the tape to the teacher. She barely even speaks to her parents. I've combined this with ghosts, because the ghost in question is a parrot, and as we all know, parrots speak (= tape recorder), but only our main character can see the ghost.


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