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February 25th, 2008

more thoughts on worldbuilding

Soooo... we have a Pacific island-type setting.

What are the resources to work with?

Bamboo, for building boats and houses.
Banana and palm leaves, for making baskets/walls/roofs
Yams/grains, for eating

Fish, for eating
Birds, for divining the future
Goannas, for eating
Bats - don't know what they're for yet

Other resources:
Fresh water - very important and possible source of conflict
Rock made from compressed shells - for building palaces
Wind - for sailing
Sunlight - maybe they collect it with dishes covered on the inside with the shiny bits from abalone shells.
Shells - they could be money, but that's a bit boring. Maybe I could stick some magic up the larger shells, like the tritons, and make them 'wind-shells' which act like an outboard engine.

Transport becomes an issue between islands. The islands themselves would be too small to need transport. I'm thinking they could sail dugouts or outriggers (probably the latter), and kids ride turtles. Sorry, no dolphins. Dolphins make me puke.


About Fungus Gatherers...

I closed the easiest POV (Qoranni's) today and started with the hardest (Siaron). I wrestled through a few chapters, but it all feels a bit blergh at the moment. The plot is fine, but there is too much repetition of thoughts and conclusions. The thing is that I can only cut when I'm certain of the direction in which emotions are heading and at the moment he's very confused. Normally, I just add and add in these middle drafts, and then when I decide it's finished, I grab the machete and cut the duplication and other crud. I'm thinking I'll have to have a round of editing before I submit this anywhere.


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